Two Weeks Later…

I just have time for a quick note; we’re already quite late for a party. First, I want to say that I really enjoyed the wedding, and I hope everyone else did, too. Everything went just as well as – or better than – I’d hoped. I could gush on and on, but I simply say that it was an unforgettable experience thanks in no small part to all of you.

On to the fun stuff, like pictures! We have had a TON of contributions – over 1,600 so far – to our WedPics, and for that I’m hugely grateful. These are especially appreciated, because the pictures from the photographers we hired will take 3-4 weeks just until we can see them. I just uploaded the high res versions of the photo booth pictures on Friday and the pictures that Acxel (cousin Amy’s boyfriend) took today. I love that there are so many pictures to look at and that most of them invoke a strong happy memory. If you would like higher resolution versions of any of the pictures that my dad or uncle took, just let me know.

- The Bride


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  1. Hedy adams

    The wedding is beyond awesome! It is definitely the wedding of the year! I think what makes it so wonderful is all the details. You are truly talented, thoughtful, and sweet, Karen! You and Jimmy make a great couple. So happy for you.