Jewelry Show Time

JFAI went to the JFA Show with my mom this past weekend to finish up some attire and gift errands. I wasn’t sure what she’d think of it, since it was her first time there, but she loved it. “There must be a place like this in heaven,” she said.

For those of you that haven’t gone that are also female, I highly recommend a visit. The selection is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and the prices are (mostly) very reasonable. I have a hard time buying necklaces, earrings, bracelets, scarves, socks, pashminas, purses, or sterling silver chains anywhere else, because I’m so spoiled by these places. Fun fact: Jim and I purchased the diamond for my engagement ring at one JFA show. He was not as enthralled with the place as my mother was.

As for this visit, I was glad to finish up the gifts for my side of the bridal party and get a good look at a wide variety of bridal accessories. Even though I find much of this wedding planning process to be hard work, that part is pretty fun. It’s hard to picture myself on my wedding day, but it’s getting a little clearer with every piece.

Speaking of shopping, I’m finally learning not to do any late night Etsy browsing. That does not lead anywhere good…

- The Bride


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  1. samantha

    I agree with the late night etsy comment!! Love following your wedding blog! Let me know if you need anything.