Five Days. That’s a whole hand.

Well, this past week has been rather crazy. Thus, this post will be rather disjointed. Sorry, but it’s the only way I can think now.

In the past week, a few particularly eventful things happened. We lost a second groomsman (though this was somewhat expected). My hair stylist quit the company (thankfully, the company is providing a replacement). We also put down the final payment on the venue. Jim’s brother Jon came in from Taiwan, so Jim enjoyed his bachelor party this past weekend.

My bachelorette party was the weekend before, and it was awesome. Molly, our day of wedding coordinator, has really stepped up where Gina, the coordinator we signed with, was slacking. The printer I have used for the past 11 years with my job, Deadline Printing, has been so accommodating and is printing, cutting and folding some of our materials for free on the paper we provide.

It’s kind of hard to think about what life will be like after the wedding. It is, after all, “only one day.” It’s hard to see it that way; it’s much easier to see it as a gigantic ongoing project. I need to keep reminding myself that, in six days, it will be over. The meticulous planning won’t be necessary anymore. The task list won’t be over a hundred items long. Life will continue to go on. I will be moving into Jim’s condo and starting a brand new phase of my life– one that’s completely unlike any other I’ve encountered. Will I be relieved? Will I miss this chaos? Maybe both.

- The Bride


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3 Responses to Five Days. That’s a whole hand.

  1. Groom

    I won’t miss it!!!! We will have new chaos, HEHEHEHEHEHE!!

  2. Future Mom

    Hard to believe that in 3 days I am going to have a new daughter-in-law. I am wishing the best for you both and hope your future is filled with enough good times that they out-way the bad. Karen, welcome to our crazy-ass family. see you soon.