30 Days… Hotel Room Bookings Due!

It’s hard to believe my wedding is only 30 days away. On the one hand, it seems like such a long time coming, and on the other, there are still so many (admittedly little) things I want to do.

That said, there’s something to add to your to do list – book your hotel room! That deadline is today. All of the information you’ll need to do so is on the Accommodations page. I do recommend staying overnight at the hotel. It’s not only super convenient, especially if you’ll be staying into the wee hours of our after party, but you’ll get a nice little goodie bag from us for doing so.

Wedding planning is continuing to move forward. Jim and I met with Molly, who will be our day of wedding coordinator, last Tuesday. We were both happy with her experience and with how much she seemed to care about our wedding. I am caught up on writing thank you notes for the shower and dropped the last of them in the mail yesterday. We will be meeting with the DJ in the immediate future to finalize our timeline and song choices, and we have a meeting set up with Deacon Larry next week as well.

Please join me in praying for good weather!

- The Bride

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