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Two Weeks Later…

I just have time for a quick note; we’re already quite late for a party. First, I want to say that I really enjoyed the wedding, and I hope everyone else did, too. Everything went just as well as – or better than – I’d hoped. I could gush on and on, but I simply say that it was an unforgettable experience thanks in no small part to all of you.

On to the fun stuff, like pictures! We have had a TON of contributions – over 1,600 so far – to our WedPics, and for that I’m hugely grateful. These are especially appreciated, because the pictures from the photographers we hired will take 3-4 weeks just until we can see them. I just uploaded the high res versions of the photo booth pictures on Friday and the pictures that Acxel (cousin Amy’s boyfriend) took today. I love that there are so many pictures to look at and that most of them invoke a strong happy memory. If you would like higher resolution versions of any of the pictures that my dad or uncle took, just let me know.

- The Bride


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Five Days. That’s a whole hand.

Well, this past week has been rather crazy. Thus, this post will be rather disjointed. Sorry, but it’s the only way I can think now.

In the past week, a few particularly eventful things happened. We lost a second groomsman (though this was somewhat expected). My hair stylist quit the company (thankfully, the company is providing a replacement). We also put down the final payment on the venue. Jim’s brother Jon came in from Taiwan, so Jim enjoyed his bachelor party this past weekend. Continue reading

- The Bride


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30 Days… Hotel Room Bookings Due!

It’s hard to believe my wedding is only 30 days away. On the one hand, it seems like such a long time coming, and on the other, there are still so many (admittedly little) things I want to do.

That said, there’s something to add to your to do list – book your hotel room! That deadline is today. Continue reading

- The Bride

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Shower Thanks & RSVPs

WeddingShowerCake1First of all, I want to say thank you to Paulette, my parents and my bridesmaids for putting together a fantastic shower on Sunday. Jim and I are amazed at how wonderfully everything came out, from the cake to the games to the food to the centerpieces to the favors. You can see some glimpses of what it was like through the many photos contributed by Melinda and my dad on WedPics (remember kj1010 is the ID). Thanks to both of you!

I also want to say thank you to the shower attendees. I know that showers can be a bit of a bore sometimes, but I hope you had some laughs and enjoyed yourself at ours. A lot of thought went into trying to keep everybody entertained. Also, the gifts were so generous; it took three separate cars to bring everything back to Jim’s place. We are so grateful for everyone’s generosity and that so many of you were able to attend and celebrate with us. Thank you notes are in progress, though they cannot really do justice to the amount of thanks that must be given.

Moving forward, as time does, I do have to mention that the wedding attendance RSVPs are due today. Thank you to those of you who have responded already. Also, thanks to the many invitees who responded early; that was very helpful for planning. If you have been invited and not yet responded, please try to do so as soon as possible. Our vendors are nagging us for final counts on things, as they are wont to do.

Thank you again to all of our wedding shower guests! The whole event was such a happy blur.

- The Bride

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Bahamian Vacation

SandalsIt is finally set. Jim and I will be going to the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort & Spa in the Bahamas for two weeks as our honeymoon. It’s both exciting and staggeringly expensive, and it will be a truly relaxing and luxurious experience. Among other special additions, our club-level all-inclusive package includes a free couples massage, free candlelight dinner, and a bottle of chilled sparkling wine and flower petals on the bed for our first night there.

We’re interested in perhaps doing the dolphin swim and some scuba diving, though neither of us have PADI certification. If anybody has thoughts on either, we’d love to hear them.

Also, in case you’re wondering, it’s apparently pronounced “ba-HAY-me-ann,” not unlike “bohemian.” I think that’s because it sounds more exotic that way. I’m really looking forward to the shower this weekend! Paulette, my parents and my bridesmaids have all put in a lot of work to make it a lot of fun for everybody.

- The Bride

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61 Days…

UsingWedPics2First things first, Jim and I are using WedPics to share and view images from our wedding events, including the shower, rehearsal dinner, honeymoon, and so on. It makes it easy for everyone to contribute photos to a safe place; people need the wedding ID to be allowed to see it, and I can remove anyone who shouldn’t be in there.

The best part about this is Continue reading

- The Bride

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Face to Face

9a73963c4d73_690_460Picking up from where I left off last time, there’s a lot to talk about. Jim and/or I met with my makeup artist, my hair stylist, the photographer, our presider, the event coordinator for Pinstripes, and our invitations. It has been quite a hectic week or two, but I’m trying to take the time to take care of myself and go on dates with Jim to keep my perspective. It isn’t easy, since errands nag at me almost constantly, but I’m trying. So, without further ado, here are some more details for those of you who want more than the TLDR version.

I had my first Shellac (aka gel, aka no chip) manicure as well as a hair and makeup trial with Elana Darrus in preparation for the engagement photo session. Continue reading

- The Bride

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A Getaway Weekend

Last week was a rather long week. Among other wedding-related stresses, we found out from George Street that the photographer Jim and I picked out, Sarah, was fired. It was really disappointing, because she was much, much better than the other two photographers we were shown. With only 4 months left before our wedding, we were concerned about the quality of photographers that were still available.

Thankfully, Jim and I were able to pick out a replacement rather quickly. Continue reading

- The Bride

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Have Your Cake…

Jim and I went cake tasting for the second time at Jasmine this weekend, which was pretty straightforward.  We were given two slices of cake and a side dish of buttercream frosting since the cakes were not heavily iced.  2015-05-17 11.19.47It was supposed to be us and another couple tasting the same cakes, but the other couple had not shown up yet.  Jim kept asking to eat the other couple’s slices of cake.  I threatened to smear the extra frosting on his face.  He taunted me.  Then, this happened.

Jim is diligent in making sure my sense of humor is in tact.   Continue reading

- The Bride

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Guest Goodies

On Saturday, Jim and I got the chance to meet with Paulina, the new event coordinator at Wyndham Garden.  The meeting was about 90 minutes, but we got a lot figured out.  It was good to meet face to face, since there were some things she needed clarification on and other things I needed to work out with her (3 pages of them, actually).

She did arrange for some extra freebies for us,  Continue reading

- The Bride

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